EnTech APP Privacy Policy Notice

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Privacy Policy Notice.

Jun 25, 2021

為了保護您的個人隱私權,本公司制定關於「EnTech APP」的隱私權保護政策(Privacy Policy),敬請您詳細閱讀。本隱私權保護政策不定期更新,若是您繼續使用「EnTech APP」,即代表您同意相關此政策。

To protect your personal information, please make sure you have read our privacy policy for EnTech WALLET APP. We will update our policy unregularly in order to provide users a safe environment. By using services provided by EnTech WALLET APP, you are automatically agree this privacy policy.


Scope of Application

本隱私權保護政策,適用於您在使用「EnTech Wallet APP」(以下稱為本APP)及使用其延伸提供之服務時,所涉及個人資料的蒐集、運用與保護。 

This privacy policy applies when you are using EnTech Wallet APP and services provided by it.


Data collection and usage:




本APP及雲端伺服器僅會紀錄您的手機號碼資料,而密碼為您本人於註冊、登入使用本APP服務時自行輸入並且本APP不會知曉您的密碼。本公司絕不會任意出售、交換、或出租任何您的手機號碼與密碼資料給其他團體、個人或私人企業。 只有在以下狀況,本公司會在本隱私權保護政策原則之下,運用您的個人資料:



While you are using EnTech WALLET APP and its services, you will need to provide following information to continue using this APP:

-Mobile number: We will be using your number as your identity.

-Access to your phone camera: In order to make best service, EnTech WALLET APP has function of scanning QR code.

EnTech WALLET APP will only save your mobile number as membership identity. We will not record any other information such as your password etc. Your information will be only used for improving EnTech WALLET APP and its services. EnTech WALLET APP will not sell, exchange, trade our member information to other individuals, company or any third party.

However, EnTech WALLET APP will be access your information under certain condition listed below: it gives prior explanation, or as necessary for the purpose of completing provision of services or fulfilling contractual obligations, or as necessary for the completion or execution of relevant services or functions for which you have already registered for use, or in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, or as ordered or requested by a competent authority so empowered.



Jing Tech Pte Ltd. may change this privacy policy if it’s necessary. Should you have any concern, please contact us.