The results of Kingdo's expansion of the ecosystem were shown at the AirFuel conference

In March 14, 2018, AirFuel Alliance who is the authority of technology and standard of the next generation of wireless power held the first AirFuel wireless charging conference and developer forum at the Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen.  More than 20 wireless industry leaders and technical experts showed the AirFuel Resonant, radio frequency (RF) and other related products and their future development trend from different aspects, such as technology, development and market to all paticipants.

The event lasted three days, and the speakers came from many companies such as Qualcomm, NewVastek and Soling.  Among them, AirFuel wireless charging union president Sanjay Gupta based on the current sensing technology to meet the customer requirements and limitations of AirFuel in enterprise application help different resonant and radio frequency (RF) as the next generation of wireless charging technology which plays the role of key discussion.  Jack Chen from Qualcomm Corp. showed WiPower solutions and demonstrated that the AirFuel resonant technology is the best technology of large-scale deployment of public wireless charging, also stressed that the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (Asia-Pacific Telecommunity APT) has officially recommended 6.78MHz as a wireless power transmission frequency.  Kingdo’s strategic partner, NewVastek, presented to all participants the results of building a wireless charging ecosystem with Kingdo on the first day’s meeting.

Sanjay Gupta, chairman of the AirFuel wireless charging alliance, said “China is the first place for us to hold wireless conference and developers’ forum.  The leaders, designers, and engineers gathered here are enjoying the best wireless charging experience of resonance and radio frequency technology.  In fact, Southeast Asia also showed great interest in the promotion of resonant products and infrastructure construction.  The new resonant technology infrastructure will be deployed by Kingdo at Singapore’s Changi airport has just confirmed this.  We expect that resonance technology will have more applications and rapid development in every large vertical market including consumer electronics, hotels, restaurants, tourism and automotive industry.”

This activity is part of the AirFuel Developer program. Through online or offline resources, AirFuel hopes to first build a wider ecosystem based on resonance technology, including commercial products and public infrastructure solutions. In addition, the developer program also includes research and development of AirFuel product testing and certification, and constantly using new resources to enable the project to authenticate the resonance and RF solutions in a faster and cheaper way and extend it to the market.